Telecommunications Support

Global Cabling Systems specializes in assisting commercial property owners and managers in capitalizing on the opportunities available to them in a competitive telecommunications market.

We understand the important role that telecommunications support and project management can play in tenant satisfaction, leasing, and retention.

Service Provider Access Negotiations

  • Review of proposals and agreements for wire line or rooftop telecommunications installations, considering service package, engineering and technical acceptability, operational and physical effects, and the market value of the space or license
  • Market-based pricing for carrier access installations–equipment space, cabling, conduit space, rooftop antennas
  • Strategic Planning
  • Evaluation of present and anticipated telecommunications needs of tenants
  • Evaluation of telecommunications capabilities that could attract new tenants to the property
  • Administration of Requests For Proposals for telecommunications projects and service arrangements
Construction Review
  • On site visits by Global engineers at critical points in construction process
    • The start of construction of telecommunications infrastructure
    • Post-installation of pathways and spaces
    • After the installation of wiring and terminations
    • Final inspection, including safety checks on essential fire-stop installation materials and methods
  • Project reports at agreed-upon milestones
  • Quality, workmanship, and standards compliance
Construction Management (also includes Construction Review services)
  • Specification and procurement of materials
  • Labor sourcing and contractor coordination
  • Documentation review and preparation of building reference materials
Acceptance Testing
  • Ensure that installation and materials match design specifications
  • High-speed copper, and fiber media
  • Testing of termination equipment installed at cross-connect points

Construction Management

Effective construction review and management is an essential part of bringing projects to completion on time and in accordance with specifications. Telecommunications infrastructure differs significantly from other utility services in a building, and not all contractors are familiar with the requisite codes and specifications.

Global Cabling’s expertise gives you access to an unequaled pool of professional telecom, wireless, and engineering talent for troubleshooting and timely resolution of any problems that may arise during the construction process.

Acceptance testing is the final step in a successful telecom installation. Ensuring that all spaces, support infrastructure, and cabling meet standards and are installed properly guarantees that a building’s telecommunications system will accommodate tenant needs for many years to come.