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Riser Administration Program

A growing trend in the commercial real estate market is the implementation of a comprehensive "Riser Management" solution. As multi-tenanted office property owners and managers are beginning to understand, because of recent legislation, their buildings internal cabling system is the property of the building owner and the day to day management of this valuable infrastructure falls to the buildings managers.

While managers and owners alike have strict controls in place addressing what vendor is allowed to work on the buildings' elevator system, electrical system or the HVAC system; they often allow almost any vendor or service provider to work on their riser system. At Global Cabling Systems, we are successfully partnering with owners and managers alike to help them implement controls and standards for their riser system while meeting the needs and in most cases exceeding the expectations of their tenants.

The riser bundle is the most important part of a buildings internal communications infrastructure that is owned in most cases by the building owner and is this infrastructure that Global Cabling helps manage. By managing the riser system the owner/manager of a building is in no way limiting the telco and data service providers that their tenants require, they are simply ensuring that the delivery of these products and services are delivered in a consistent manner and that the process is managed for the benefit of owners and tenants alike.

  • Additional advantages of Global Cabling’s Riser Management program are as follows:

  • Physical audit of the buildings existing vertical infrastructure
  • 24x7 cabling support for managers and tenants
  • Control distribution of building riser pairs to tenants
  • Provide rapid response times for tenants
  • One stop shopping for tenants
  • Dedicated technicians who become experts within their assigned buildings
  • Control access to telco closets
  • Ongoing riser system management and reporting for owners
  • Riser system design and installation
  • In-house consulting services at tenants requests

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