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Cable Infrastructure Management

Global CAbling manages core building assets to ensure their security and future availability. Global CAbling Systems handles all day-to-day operations, such as controlling security and access to all telecom spaces, and provides 24-hour customer support. 

Global CAbling continually monitors capacity so the building will always have space available for future applications. Global CAbling uses custom management software designed in-house to track all activity in the building communications spaces. The software allows automated provisioning and capacity reporting. 

Our team of customer service, engineering, technical, and IS professionals has the broad range of expertise and experience necessary to ensure the highest possible level of service.

Global CAbling's full range of management services includes:

  • developing and maintaining up-to-date schematic drawings of the spaces
  • creating and maintaining an inventory of all plans and specifications of all telecommunications cable systems and equipment installed in the spaces
  • providing user information packages for tenants, carriers, and contractors
  • thorough training for building personnel in security, operations, and procedures
  • auditing security conditions and implementing a tiered security program
  • coordinating sleeve assignments and service delivery
  • preventative maintenance through periodic audits and review of the spaces
  • responding to access requests by telecom service providers
  • 24-hour technical and repair service

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